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In this issue, we take a look at the potential of 3D printing for the manufacture of medical devices and the challenges this technology has to overcome before it can be widely adopted throughout the industry. We also explore the latest developments in robotic surgical devices including a new generation of fully automatic devices. Also find out how medical device manufacturers can drive business through frugal innovation.

As in every issue, we also round up the latest comment and analysis from GlobalData’s healthcare analysts, including business and market developments around the world, new product launches and regulatory updates.

In this issue

Market insight and comment from GlobalData
In our insight and comments section, GlobalData’s healthcare analysts write about the latest market and business developments driving the medical devices sector, including regional developments in regulation and pricing, new product launches and approvals.
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Surgeon of the future
Robotically assisted surgical devices have evolved from semi-autonomous equipment such as the da Vinci robotic surgical system to fully automatic devices such as the Flex robotic system. We find out more about the latest developments in this field.
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The next healthcare revolution?
3D printing has become a force of change sweeping through all industry sectors, and healthcare is no exception. We hear more about the potential of the manufacturing technology and the challenges it needs to overcome before it can be widely adopted in the medical device field.
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Pioneering frugal innovation
In a world of endless innovation and incessant technological progress, who can we really call a pioneer? Rajendra Velagapudi, senior vice president for business excellence at Cyient, tells us about the potential of frugal innovation.
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Next issue preview

Wearable and sensor technologies are increasingly finding their way into clinical trials. In the next issue we investigate the future of wearables in human trials, including new opportunities for the technology to be used in clinical research and safety and regulator considerations relating to its application.

Bionic Vision Technologies has raised $18m to develop its ‘bionic eye’ implant and to begin a clinical trial in patients with retinitis pigmentosa. We find out more about the company’s retinal implants and its plans to bring them to global markets.

We also speak to Project WiDE about its service offering for low-cost 3D printable prosthetics, which relies on software that promises the fast, customisable and affordable creation of 3D printed prosthetics.

As in every issue, we will also hear from GobalData’s healthcare analysts about the latest business and market developments around the world, new product launches and regulatory updates.

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