• Sourced for Success

    Quality management should be an essential consideration when choosing a contract manufacturing partner. Amanda S Spencer and Neil R Armstrong of the Chartered Quality Institute explain why.

  • Shock Tactics

    For many patients with heart disease, wireless monitoring could allow on-the-spot diagnosis and early intervention. Lorrie Kelly talks to Fred Colen of Boston Scientific about the next generation of cardiac...

  • Box of Tricks

    Clever, complex packaging must address a range of issues, be they geared toward patient, environment or regulation. Will Hawkes talks to Dr Laura Bix of Michigan State University's School of...

  • The American Dream

    US states Massachusetts and Florida are at the pinnacle of medical research and device development. Nic Paton, with the help of Thomas Sommer of the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council...

  • Asset Management

    The management and storage of data plays an essential part in the healthcare industry. It allows straightforward feedback and reporting from medical devices, as Abhishek Dutta of Frost & Sullivan...

  • People Power

    Dr Joseph De Remigis has taken optics company ELCAN through a period of dramatic change. He tells Andrew Tunnicliffe how focusing on employee talent has been crucial for taking the...

  • Device Design Gets Inventive

    David Mackay visits the Wellcome Collection, an exhibition of the latest device innovations and future inventions.

  • The Luck of the Irish

    Penny Jones explores developments in Ireland's medical device industry and its quest to become a hub for new technology.

  • Robotics – the Surgical Future

    With the surgeon's knife no longer ruling the operating theatre, new devices such as robots are taking control. But can future development overcome the issues of cost, research and regulation?

  • Does Disclosure Pay Off?

    The US government may be offering more freedom in its new physician payments act but it comes at a price. The question is, are you ready to deal with it?...


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