Health platform has launched telehealth supervised self-collection kits for Covid-19 diagnosis in collaboration with its lab partners.

The test enables patients to have their saliva collected in a special kit during a telehealth session under the remote supervision of a care provider. The test results are digitally delivered to the ordering healthcare provider within three to four days.

It reduces the demand for consumption of nasal swabs, which are in shortage across the hospitals in the US.

Furthermore, the test will enable doctors and rural clinics with limited access to local lab equipment to secure test for their patients with reduced incidence of secondary infection. CEO Mehdi Maghsoodnia said: “Our focus as a team is to help bring fast and reliable testing to everyone universally.

“We are hoping that by providing an end-to-end platform that performs testing, contact tracing, telehealth and clinical supervision, we can enable our healthcare providers to rapidly obtain tests for their patients regardless of their location.”

The company also reported the immediate availability of 50,000 Covid-19 test kits that are the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved for telehealth or other provider-supervised self-collection. also plans to scale up the production to provide 300,000 test kits by May to increase testing capacity in the US.

Initially, the kits will be provided to hospital systems and doctors who want to remotely collect specimens from Covid-19 symptomatic patients within clinical settings.

The company said it has received inbound demand from numerous state and hospital systems for its test kit capacity and has committed to maintaining price transparency in the process.