3D Systems has entered a contract with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) to deploy additive manufacturing solutions to provide Veterans with next-generation medical devices produced at the point of care.

Through the partnership, the company will enable the VHA to set up Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-compliant manufacturing facilities in the hospitals for producing additively manufactured medical devices.

With this, the VA network will streamline its supply chain and accelerate innovation to provide improved personalised care for US veterans.

The VA will work with the healthcare additive manufacturing team of 3D Systems to design medical devices.

In the initial stage, the company’s application experts will be responsible for the regulatory filing and development of a quality management system at VHA facilities.

In the long run, VHA teams will receive training from the experts and take over the ownership of the process.

Running the quality management system and completing product submissions for regulatory clearance will be part of the training process.

The solution will include the company’s ProX SLS 6100 3D printers and materials and VSP-related workflows and software.

3D Systems product development, healthcare director Ben Johnson said: “Through this collaboration, 3D Systems will not only be installing 3D printers at the VHA sites but we’ll also be helping them install a quality management system that includes the processes, documentation, and training required to be compliant as a medical device manufacturer.”

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, VHA collaborated with the company to address supply chain issues. The latest contract is an expansion of the collaboration.

Earlier, 3D Systems worked with engineers and clinicians at the VHA to develop an emergency stopgap face mask (SFM).