3M Oral Care, a 3M division, has launched the new 3M Filtek Matrix, a restorative product that makes the placement of composites more predictable and less stressful for dentists and more inexpensive for patients.

Dental composites are a great option for restoring or enhancing the patient smile’s esthetics.

Since the standard process can be drawn-out and challenging, the Filtek Matrix process starts with a digital restoration design.

A matrix tailored for the patient is made that aids the clinician in transferring the digital design to the teeth of the patient utilising 3M dental composites.

The Filtek Matrix uses additive composite methods, which need hardly any reduction of tooth compared to more invasive ceramic procedures, which frequently necessitate tooth structure removal.

According to a clinical analysis, using the matrix boosted the confidence of dentists, produced predictable and esthetic outcomes and reduced their chair time.

The matrix is the newest addition to the company’s restorative solutions portfolio.

In order to provide patients with exceptional composite strength and wear resistance, clinicians can use the Filtek Matrix with 3M Filtek Dental Restoratives.

3M Oral Care global portfolio director Andrew Milder said: “This product brings together leading material science and digital innovation to enable clinicians to predictably and efficiently transform patient smiles. 

“It is exciting to see the amazing results that clinicians have delivered using the Filtek Matrix.”

In July last year, the company unveiled Clarity Aligners Flex + Force, a new aligner system that aids orthodontists in selecting from two distinctive aligner materials in a single treatment design.