Abbott has obtained CE-Mark for its new Alinity h-series system designed for haematology testing and to address the productivity needs of high-volume laboratories.

The new device combines Alinity hq, Alinity hs slide maker, and stainer module into a single solution, which is claimed to be 20% faster per square metre compared to existing integrated haematology systems that possess a throughput of 133 complete blood counts (CBCs) per square metre.

While Alinity hq analyser is designed to automate the CBC performance and deliver results within minutes, the Alinity hs module automates blood film preparation and staining, while it also enables staining of externally prepared blood films.

Abbott Diagnostics Products executive vice-president Brian Blaser said: “Today’s haematology laboratories are challenged to perform more tests while reducing errors and operating costs.

“The Alinity h-series is smaller, faster, and more automated than current systems.”

“With built-in simplicity designed specifically for haematology testing, the Alinity h-series is smaller, faster, and more automated than current systems, incorporating advanced features that allow healthcare professionals to spend less time managing the process of producing results and more time helping patients.”

According to the firm, the Alinity h series boosts workflow, flexibility and minimises wait time by offering continuous access for the addition of tests and reagents.

The system also includes an intuitive user interface, while its sample assessing software uses a learning algorithm to distinguish blood cells for obtaining better accuracy and decreasing the requirement for manual review.