Abbott has partnered with Omada Health to provide personalised, on-the-go digital care and coaching for type 2 diabetes patients.

Under the alliance, Abbott’s continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology FreeStyle Libre will combine with Omada Health’s digital care platform.

FreeStyle Libre captures real-time glucose readings from one-second smartphone scans over a sensor on the back of the upper arm. The technology also provides historical trends and patterns.

The glucose sensing system eliminates the need for fingerstick.

Under the partnership, the integrated solution will deliver real-time glucose data along with actionable information for diabetes management. Participants also receive personalised recommendations from coaches.

Abbott diabetes care senior vice-president Jared Watkin said: “We’ve seen how FreeStyle Libre transforms lives through its proven track record in improving health outcomes and our goal is to find new ways for even more people with diabetes to benefit from this technology.

“Through this collaboration, we’re creating a personalised care experience that combines Abbott’s leading CGM technology with Omada Health’s professional coaching and digital platform, giving people with type 2 diabetes actionable information that leads to better health.”

Omada Health will provide an integrated solution to employers and health plans. Patients will receive tailored guidance, including online consultation of physician and Freestyle Libre prescription.

The solution will leverage the companies’ algorithms and analytics, allowing participants to monitor progress and obtain recommendations via Omada online app.

Furthermore, the programme will provide interactive educational lessons on diabetes.

Last month, Abbott collaborated with French pharmaceutical firm Sanofi to combine their glucose sensing and insulin delivery technologies for improved diabetes management.

The collaboration integrates FreeStyle Libre technology with Sanofi’s insulin dosing data.