Abingdon Health has launched the BioSURE COVID-19 IgG Antibody Self Test, which requires 2.5uL of finger-prick blood and delivers results in 20 minutes.

In July, the company entered an exclusive manufacturing agreement with a UK-based company, BioSure, which focuses on offering quick in-vitro diagnostic testing solutions, such as self-testing.

The latest test has already received CE mark for self-testing.

As the test requires a fraction of a drop of finger-prick blood, it permits users to detect and check their antibody status before and after vaccination as well as after contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Abingdon noted that the test will help to monitor the effectiveness of a person’s immunity status as people around the world continue to receive vaccines.

The test is expected to be useful along with potential booster Covid-19 shots.

BioSure is the legal manufacturer while Abingdon will be the exclusive global manufacturer for the BioSURE COVID-19 IgG Antibody Self Test.

The technical transfer to produce the test has concluded following a pilot production run and Abingdon’s expanded UK manufacturing sites at York and Doncaster are currently in full production.

Abingdon Health CEO Chris Yates said: “Our own AbC-19 assay will complement this product and we expect the AbC-19 to gain additional utility in the semi-quantitative format as recently announced.

“This initiative allows us to build on our long-term collaboration with the BioSure team for whom we manufacture their HIV self-test in the same format as this new test.

“This is the first of several products we have previously noted to be going through the technical transfer process, with others for Covid antigen and non-Covid applications to follow, and which we expect to contribute to contract manufacturing revenue growth.”

In March, Abingdon signed a non-exclusive sales and distribution agreement with BioSure to distribute its AbC-19 rapid neutralising antibody test for Covid-19 across the UK and Europe.

BioSure supplies Abingdon’s CE-marked AbC-19 test for professional use.

In July, Abingdon reported that a study showed the use of the AbC-19 IgG spike antibody lateral flow device (AbC-19 LFD) in semi-quantitative set-up and antibody responses against SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern.