Adaptiiv Medical Technologies has entered a collaboration with Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company, and HP to support cancer treatment.

The collaboration will leverage 3D printed medical devices to improve access to personalised cancer care for US patients.

The move comes after Adaptiiv secured 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the Adaptiiv On Demand service, which produces and provides 3D printed patient-specific medical devices.

These devices match patient anatomy to improve the accuracy of dose delivery.

Adaptiiv’s software platform can work with 3D printing to develop medical devices that can be used in radiation oncology.

The partnership seeks to leverage HP’s Multi Jet Fusion platform, which can help to make 3D printed medical devices for use in radiation oncology at high throughput.

On the other hand, Varian will work to expand access to patient-specific 3D printed medical devices.

Adaptiiv CEO Alex Dunphy said: “This is a tremendous milestone for Adaptiiv’s vision to democratise personalisation in radiation treatment.

“Collaborating with brands like HP and Varian, who stand for quality and innovation, will ensure our solutions reach patients around the world.

“The last mile of radiation therapy needs to evolve, and our solutions provide greater access to personalised care while improving treatment and creating workflow efficiencies for cancer centres around the world.”

HP 3D printing vice-president Louis Kim said: “The combined technology scale of HP and Varian, along with the leading-edge personalisation workflow of Adaptiiv, provides the improved solution that clinicians and patients deserve.

“HP is proud to be a part of this collaboration to help advance the treatment of cancers worldwide.”