Agena Bioscience has advanced its existing technical relationship with nRichDX to a commercial partnership to support the development of solutions for the extraction and detection of liquid biopsy analytes.

The companies will co-promote their products to researchers engaged in the development of liquid biopsy applications using the Agena MassARRAY platform.

Agena Bioscience scientific affairs vice-president Darryl Irwin said: “Agena is pleased to collaborate with nRichDX to provide clinical investigators with research solutions that can deliver greater assay sensitivity and improved detection of rare analytes on the MassARRAY platform.

“Liquid biopsy test developers are looking forward to the creation of highly sensitive assays that can use body fluids as inputs, especially in the area of early detection of cancer which requires extraction retrieval and detection of the rarest of alterations.”

nRichDX’s Revolution Sample Prep System is used to obtain higher yields of variant transcripts from bodily fluids compared to other methods. It will help increase the MassARRAY platform’s detection sensitivity.

Both systems are designed to support the detection of rare cancer genetic targets in liquid biopsy samples, which can be used for cancer detection, therapy selection, treatment monitoring and minimal residual disease.

nRichDX CEO William Curtis said: “More sensitive detection of rare cancer markers translates to the earlier detection and treatment of cancer…the shared goal of liquid biopsy test developers and oncologists.

“The combination of the Agena MassARRAY and Revolution Sample Prep System platforms represents a meaningful advancement for liquid biopsy development.”

The companies intend to jointly reveal data at the ongoing American Association for Cancer Research meeting in Orlando, Florida. The event is being held between 14 and 19 April.