Molecular diagnostics company Alercell has launched LENA Molecular Dx Leukemia Platform, a molecular leukaemia diagnostic platform.

The platform consists of 12 molecular diagnostic tests that are designed specifically for the early detection of leukaemia, providing treatment guidance and monitoring of minimal residual disease.

All the tests are based on next-generation DNA sequencing technology but can be run on a standard qPCR machine, making it easier to obtain a large amount of data in a quick and efficient manner.

Alercell chairman and CEO Frederic Scheer said: “This new platform was designed to create a one-stop-shop for Leukemia where practitioners do not need to look for many different manufacturers.

“Our goal at Alercell is to become the reference for Leukaemia and offer a complete solution. Our research and development (R&D) team is working on additional tests to add to the platform in the months and years to come.

“I believe that several of the tests designed to improve patient outcomes will assist practitioners in selecting the appropriate therapeutics for Leukemia patients.”

In January this year, Alercell launched the research use-only test LENA Q51. The test encompasses all other tests. However, the company created the new platform to provide access to all tests.

The Alercell R&D team is striving to expand the range of tests to cover all aspects of leukaemia testing with the aim of offering healthcare professionals access to a comprehensive suite of tests in one place.