Molecular diagnostics start-up Alercell has announced plans to introduce its new leukemia diagnostic test, LENA Q51(R), in January next year.

The new test has been developed based on DNA sequencing and can detect up to 51 genes mutations in Leukemia patients.

It can be administered in a qPCR machine and provides results in less than three hours.

LENA Q51(R) allows clinicians to detect any gene mutations that occur among 51 different genes.

Usually, people who are suspected to have leukemia need to undertake a series of blood tests and a bone marrow biopsy.

Using the new LENA Q51(R) test, clinicians can determine the results in three hours through computer, removing the need for human interpretation.

Alercell co-founder Frederic Scheer said: “I am thrilled that via the application of our knowledge of the genome, we are now able to produce very performing tests that will help people in finally avoiding the unpleasant traditional treatment.”

The company is also planning to launch LENA S1, methylation-based molecular diagnostic test for lung cancer, in the first quarter of next year.

It aims to create a nanoparticle neural interface to record and control the brain activity.

Alercell is looking to offer innovative in-vitro testability for cancer testing while streamlining the detection process for infectious diseases.

The company launched its first Covid-19 fast test in the US in July 2020.

The PCR test provides results in 40 minutes and eliminates the extraction phase. It received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the same month.