ALiA BioTech group has announced the deployment of its Lab-on-Chip diagnostic platform, which can perform multiplex testing using a single biochip.

The new next-generation rapid diagnostic platform is capable of providing up to 30 results from a single drop of bodily fluid, such as blood, serum, swab or urine, in 15 minutes.

It integrates several laboratory functions in a single chip, which is a miniaturised diagnostic laboratory interface that has been specifically designed for point-of-care use.

The company has completed research and development of its microfluidic and microarray technologies and is now planning to expand its multiplex products by manufacturing different disease panels.

Its pipeline is also exploring the possibilities of using point-of-care testing (POCT) for veterinary health and agri-food surveillance.

ALiA BioTech’s analyser and biochip panels for respiratory infection and tropical fever have both secured Europe’s CE mark.

ALiA BioTech group CEO Kelvin Chiu said: “Next time we sneeze or cough, we could be catching Covid-19, influenza, respiratory syncytial virus or Streptococcus pneumoniae.

“A single test on our platform gives the fast track and accurate answer.

“Over the next five to ten years, we shall develop more multiplex diseases panels and complete clinical trials and regulatory approval processes so that we can introduce more real-time rapid diagnostic panels that are critical to rescuing lives.”

The company is seeking regulatory approval in the US, mainland China and Southeast Asia.

It is looking to forge global strategic partnerships for the development and commercialisation of biochips for its different disease panels.

Additionally, ALiA BioTech is welcoming strategic partnerships to establish advanced manufacturing facilities in Asia-Pacific, the European Union and the US.