Semiconductor solutions provider Ambiq has launched two new ultra-low processors for the remote healthcare monitoring sector.

The new Apollo4 Lite and Apollo4 Blue Lite System-on-Chips (SoCs) are suitable for remote monitoring products.

The products are currently being manufactured on a large scale, with a focus on catering to the needs of digital health products, smartwatches and fitness bands.

Furthermore, the devices can be used for animal trackers, voice-activated remotes, industrial maintenance and smart home Internet of Things devices.

Both devices have been built on the company’s Subthreshold Power-Optimised Technology (SPOT) platform to reduce the devices’ overall system power consumption and improve battery life.

The SoCs feature an ultra-low power Cortex-M4 core that can operate at up to 192 MHz with turboSPOT, an audio subsystem, GPU and ample MRAM and SRAM.

They also offer the added convenience of pin compatibility with the company’s Apollo4 Plus and Blue Plus1, offering developers maximum flexibility for innovation.

Ambiq technical solutions vice-president David Priscak said: “Today’s patients are more empowered to monitor and advocate for their own health and healthcare providers require more data analytics to prescribe holistic treatment.

“With bold graphics and long battery life, state-of-the-art health tracking is now more affordable and accessible, thanks to these new additions to our Apollo4 SoC family.”

The availability of the latest generation system processor solutions follows the launch of the company’s new Heart Kit.

Heart Kit is an optimised open-source artificial intelligence model which leverages multi-head neural networks to facilitate several real-time heart-monitoring applications.