Technology company Anzu has collaborated with Healix Pathology to provide an Immunity Management System that merges mobile technology with immunity lab testing for Covid-19.

This distinctive system delivers results of the neutralising antibody (NAb) tests to the mobile phones of patients, providers, businesses and their staff.

With the help of the EVE Patient App, a safe and HIPAA-compliant mobile application, users can check the laboratory’s processing of the test in real time.

They will receive the result as a simple ImmunoCard and also receive a notification if a retest is required according to the parameters of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

NAbs are antibodies that hinder the SARS CoV-2 virus, which causes Covid-19, from entering and infecting a cell.

The Immunity Management System extends vital data that will permit the patient to adopt informed decisions on managing their immunity.

Furthermore, the platform is created to aid in incorporating changes with the evolution of novel testing modalities and parameters.

Anzu CEO Barry Fernando said: “The EVE Patient App delivers real-time updates as the test is processed and provides the written laboratory test and an ImmunoCard which summarises the test results and alerts the patient when a retest is necessary.

“The ImmunoCard is fully configurable and can be updated to provide additional information as testing capabilities and science evolves.

“This may include information identifying protective immunity to Covid variants, previous exposure to the virus, and even changing retesting recommendations based on quantification of the results.”