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US-based biotechnology company Aperiomics has launched Xplore-Covid-19 test to diagnose the Covid-19 virus.

The company said that it has the ability to process up to 1000 coronavirus tests per week and can provide test results within 48 to 72 hours from the sample collection.

The new test uses existing sample collection, DNA extraction and PCR identification technologies to detect specific genetic markers within the coronavirus using samples acquired through throat swabs.

Aperiomics CEO Dr Crystal Icenhour said: “Our mission is to ensure that no one suffers needlessly from an infectious disease and that means doing our part to help in the fight against Covid-19.

“We know that testing as many people as possible is key to keeping our population healthy during the coronavirus outbreak. The Aperiomics team will maximise our lab’s capacity for this test to meet the nationwide demand for testing.”

The company said that the new testing capability is the result of a collaborative effort within the biotech community.

It has partnered with Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) and Zymo Research for the Xplore-Covid-19 tests.

While IDT is supplying the critical primers and probes required for the tests, Zymo Research is providing DNA/RNA sample collection and RNA extraction reagents.

IDT president Trey Martin said: “IDT is privileged to have rapidly achieved large-scale manufacturing of key components that enable testing of millions of Americans for Covid-19 and this collaboration with Aperiomics will allow us to ensure that thousands more have access to critical testing during this challenging time.”

Xplore-Covid-19 test is now available in the US.