Aspenstate has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its portable X-ray system AiRTouch for human medical use.

The device is said to be a simple and efficient frontline tool to obtain chest X-rays for Covid-19 diagnosis.

Furthermore, the handheld design and high-performance battery of AiRTouch enables screening centres to quickly process high volumes of patients.

AiRTouch can acquire images directly to the device and wirelessly transmit to PACS, using the built-in workstation.

The company noted that the drive-through screening centres in South Korea have benefited from its portability.

Aspenstate vice-president and COO David Lee said: “Our clients have noticed a dramatic increase in capacity and the ability to move patients through quickly and efficiently. They find that the device is very simple to use, and the integrated software and portable features allow them to work outside of the limitations of traditional X-ray solutions.”

Livermoretech Korea, the parent company of Aspenstate, developed the device, which is equipped with an all-in-one PC that loads the customer’s acquisition software.

AiRTouch’s built-in PC also enables remote diagnostics and service and eliminates the need for costly and timely service calls by maximising the uptime of the equipment.

The high-performance battery can capture approximately 300 exposures on a single charge and it can be charged within two hours.

Other applications for the device include imaging for urgent care, ambulances, sports medicine, extremities, dental, veterinary and equine purposes.

Aspenstate offers complete imaging solutions for X-ray distributors and custom-designed solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the US.