Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has collaborated with integrated health services provider Geisinger for the development of an app suite that can be connected with the electronic health record (EHR) to enhance asthma care.

The new products are intended to facilitate co-management of the condition by patients and their providers, particularly in-between office visits.

During the development, the partners leveraged their respective expertise in disease management, healthcare innovation, patient engagement, adherence, research and technology.

AstraZeneca Respiratory vice-president Tosh Butt said: “AstraZeneca’s partnership with Geisinger is focused on how we can arm patients and physicians with digital tools with the intention of speeding diagnosis and treatment decisions. This is an exciting time in patient care.”

The new app suite consists of a mobile app designed to inform patients about asthma-related weather, record symptoms and asthma triggers, track health status over time, and deliver medication reminders.

The app also enables patients to communicate with their healthcare team.

Data from the mobile app is linked to a real-time web-based application, Provider Asthma Management Assistant, which combines EHR with data feeds reported by the patients.

“This new suite of products could easily be adapted to any long-term chronic respiratory illness that needs monitoring.”

The combination of data is expected to allow asthma educators and respiratory therapists to triage patients and recommended specialists, if required.

Geisinger Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine chair Paul Simonelli said: “Patients sometimes do a lot worse with their asthma than we know based on a three, six or nine-month periodic office visit.

“This new suite of products could easily be adapted to any long-term chronic respiratory illness that needs monitoring, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).”

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease characterised by swollen or inflamed lungs, leading to difficulty in breathing. While the condition does not have any cure, it can be managed through various means.