Attivo Networks has secured validation from Becton Dickinson (BD) for the use of its Attivo BOTsink deception solution with some BD medical devices to detect potential cyber threats.

The deception-based threat detection solution is designed to create decoys and confuse potential attackers by generating an environment that ultimately leads to the revelation of their activities.

Attivo BOTsink obtained the validation under the BD Product Security Partnership Programme to make mirror-match decoy authenticity.

Intended to improve cybersecurity, the solution has been tested by BD to tailor the working of Attivo’s protection technologies with its medical technologies.

BD Product Security director Rob Suarez said: “We welcome Attivo Networks to the BD Product Security Partnership Programme as an important collaborator in our collective quest to improve cybersecurity across the healthcare industry.

“Attivo BOTsink provides additional protection to its BD Alaris infusion systems by creating decoys.”

“The Attivo BOTsink solution was rigorously tested and validated by BD to tailor their protection technologies to work with our medical technologies, rather than being introduced as an afterthought.”

According to the firm, Attivo BOTsink provides additional protection to its BD Alaris infusion systems by creating decoys, which are similar to production IoT devices, for confusing and identifying attackers.

The solution also offers attack analysis, actionable forensics for remediation and threat hunting that aid in detecting compromised systems from anywhere in the remediation network.

Attivo Networks product management vice-president Marc Feghali said: “IoT devices inherently have additional security risk based on their operating systems and connections to Wi-Fi networks, and the Internet.

“BD is proactively leading the field by working with Attivo to add a reliable mechanism for early threat detection.”