Digital health solutions provider Audere has introduced a Covid-19 app, dubbed HealthPulse TestNow, for self-testers in South Africa.

Audere CEO Dr Dino Rec said: “We are proud to announce the first deployment of HealthPulse TestNow in South Africa. While the current state of Covid-19 testing varies across communities, this AI-powered digital solution lays the foundation for a much-needed self-testing tool that facilitates improved self-diagnosis and early access to care not just for Covid-19 but for a range of medical conditions.

“We are actively expanding the solution’s coverage to include new conditions across a broader set of geographies in Africa. Our mission is to empower early diagnosis and expedite access to care.”

The app is designed to enhance an individual’s self-testing aptitude and provides guided instructions, process control timers and result interpretation. It also integrates with local public health data-reporting systems to ensure the reporting of self-testing data, which is important to understand the prevalence of the disease.

The app is initially deployed to support self-testing with rapid diagnostic test kits developer Medical Diagnostech’s Covid-19 Antigen Self Test.

In March last year, Audere formed a partnership with Medical Diagnostech to pair the latter’s MD SARS-nCoV-2 antigen device with HealthPulse.

The Covid-19 Antigen Self Test is said to be the first Covid-19 self-test produced in Africa to secure approval from the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) last month.