Cellular therapy and precision diagnostics developer Avalon GloboCare (Avalon) has reached an exclusive distribution agreement with medical device company Qi Diagnostics.

Under the deal, Avalon will exclusively supply Qi Diagnostics’ KetoAir breathalyser device and related accessories including current and future models in the UK, the European Union, North America and South America.

KetoAir can be used as a companion diagnostic as well as a monitoring device for people who follow a ketogenic diet.

Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), KetoAir is incorporated with artificial intelligence nutritionist consultation for ketogenic health management.

Avalon president and CEO Dr David Jin said: “Being able to safely and consistently maintain nutritional ketosis has been shown to increase the chances of diabetes reversal.

“KetoAir is the first breathalyser on the market that uses an artificial intelligence nutritionist bundled with the nanosensor-based breathalyser for ketogenic health management.

“It can detect and quantify acetone levels in the breath and monitor the ketosis state while also providing 24/7 nutritional advice. We look forward to commercialising KetoAir and helping those individuals with diabetes and weight-management needs.”

Avalon will initially focus on selling KetoAir devices for the diabetes reversal and weight-management markets.

Furthermore, the companies will work together on the development of a breathalyser device to screen and detect early-stage lung cancer.

They will jointly own any intellectual property achieved through the co-development of lung cancer breathalyser products.

A definitive agreement is expected to be signed to fix the final terms and pricing.