Axis Research and Technologies has integrated OMNIMED’s SmartOR technology platform at its four locations in the US.

The locations include Irvine in California, Columbia in Maryland, as well as Nashville and Chattanooga in Tennessee.

SmartOR is a fully integrated and intelligent network of modular and data-driven technologies for real-time visibility to understand the complex operations of the operating rooms and surgical suites.

OMNIMED co-founder and CEO Nick Moran said: “In response to value-based healthcare, operating rooms and surgical centres are adopting and embracing the power of AI, machine learning and secure technology platforms to improve performance and reduce costs.

“Now, the extraordinary benefits and data insights made possible from OMNIMED’s SmartOR will be available to medical device companies and surgeons who come to Axis Research & Technologies to practice and learn in a simulated lab setting.”

The platform transforms operating rooms, surgical suites and medical device testing and training centres into smarter facilities with the objective of improving patient outcomes.

SmartOR’s software (SaaS) applications, along with its UX and UI design, help deliver real-time and legacy reporting to different stakeholders including staff, surgeons, and administrators.

This platform will allow medical device companies, physicians and surgeons to use data insights for the optimisation of medical device teaching and training and implementation of best practices.

It provides access to millions of data points and real-time information to enable surgeons to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, the technology will also enhance efficiencies and improve key procedures to deliver improved patient outcomes.

The company developed the SmartOR in partnership with Maya HTT, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Axis Research & Technologies, BDO’s Center for Healthcare Excellence and Innovation, and BDO Digital.