Canadian eye health products company Bausch + Lomb has expanded its enVista family of intraocular lenses to deliver improved optic recovery after delivery during cataract surgery.

The newly launched enVista toric MX60ET hydrophobic acrylic intraocular lens (IOL) comes with StableFlex technology.

Similar to enVista toric MX60T, the MX60ET offers a gleam-free optic and a wide array of cylinder powers as low as 1.25 dioptre, the company said.

The company claims it is the only domestically available IOL that can correct less than one diopter of astigmatism at the corneal plane.

Bausch + Lomb US president Joe Gordon said: “A significant number of today’s cataract patients also have astigmatism, a common condition that can contribute to distorted vision.

“The enVista toric MX60ET provides surgeons with a new product to address astigmatism during cataract surgery and is another example of our company’s commitment to investing and innovating to meet the needs of our customers and their patients.”

Once inserted into the eye, the enVista family of lenses, which include monofocal and toric IOLs, enhance lens performance.

The design of the Trusight aspheric optic features an improved image quality and depth of field.

Moreover, the Trusight aspheric optic potentially resists the scratches and abrasions, which occur during loading and surgical manipulation.

Step-vaulted AccuSet haptics extensively interacts with the capsular bag that aids in securing the position of the lens.

Stephenson Eye Associates Dee Stephenson said: “In my experience with the new enVista MX60ET, the significantly enhanced optic recovery has contributed to my procedural efficiency.

“This benefit, combined with the exceptionally clear enVista optic, the excellent rotational stability and wide range of cylinder powers, will make this lens a go-to choice for my astigmatic patients.”