Canadian eye health company Bausch + Lomb has launched the StableVisc cohesive ophthalmic viscosurgical device (OVD) and the TotalVisc Viscoelastic System in the US.

The two new OVDs, StableVisc OVD and TotalVisc, offer new options for eye surgeons to provide dual-action protection during cataract surgery.

The company stated that StableVisc helps in maintaining space in the eye’s anterior chamber, allowing doctors to remove and replace the clouded natural lens.

The TotalVisc Viscoelastic System consists of StableVisc and ClearVisc, which is a dispersive OVD. It is designed to provide protection to the ocular tissue during surgery.

The US Food and Drug Administration approved ClearVisc in 2021.

Both StableVisc and ClearVisc are composed of sodium hyaluronate and sorbitol – a chemical compound that was found to produce a robust physical barrier and offer improved free radical scavenging abilities compared to other OVDs examined in a study.

Bausch + Lomb global consumer, surgical and vision care president Joe Gordon said: “OVDs are critical to surgeons’ success when performing cataract surgery, which is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in the United States.

“StableVisc and TotalVisc provide surgeons with new OVD options that offer unique benefits designed to help ensure the best possible surgical outcomes for patients.”

The company stated that TotalVisc OVD has the capability to offer a dual-action system that provides mechanical and chemical protection during surgical procedures.

TotalVisc is claimed to be the only dual pack in the country to provide a dispersive and cohesive OVD formulated with sorbitol.

StableVisc leads the cohesive OVD sector in fill volume at one millilitre, apart from providing enhanced free radical protection.

Furthermore, the company noted that ClearVisc, StableVisc and TotalVisc OVDs are indicated for use as surgical aids in ophthalmic anterior segment surgical procedures such as implantation of an intraocular lens and extraction of a cataract.