US-based health care firm Baxter has launched its Welch Allyn RetinaVue 100 Imager PRO in South Korea.

The device has been designed to make diabetic retinopathy screening simple and affordable in primary care settings.

Baxter stated that RetinaVue can double the patient compliance each year for potentially vision-saving annual diabetic retinal exams (DREs).

The cost of the Welch Allyn RetinaVue 100 Imager PRO is significantly less compared to full-size fundus cameras.

It allows healthcare professionals in primary care practices to capture high-quality fundus images with minimal training.

The handheld, portable device has nonmydriatic capture through a 3.0mm pupil and allows comfortable retinal screening without pharmacologic dilation.

It leverages proprietary touchless auto-focus/image-capture technology and integrated image-quality assessment algorithms, which help to reduce the need for re-imaging appointments.

The device provides an immediate quality score on the image captured.

Baxter Asia-Pacific vice-president Bruce Peatey said: “Diabetes is an epidemic. Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of vision loss among adults 20-to-74 years of age, affecting 7.7 million people worldwide.

“It is simply tragic that a large percentage of patients with diabetes aren’t being screened for diabetic retinopathy, when it’s one of the most preventable causes of blindness among adults.

“RetinaVue has the potential to change lives by helping to identify diabetic retinopathy in those individuals who had not previously been screened for the disease, enhancing the potential to save the sight of thousands, if not millions, of people with diabetes.”

According to the company, early detection and treatment can prevent 95% of vision loss cases.

Last year, Baxter and bioMérieux received CE Mark for the NEPHROCLEAR CCL14 Test, which was developed to predict persistent severe acute kidney injury (PS-AKI).