Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) is expanding customer availability for its PosiFlush SafeScrub, a prefilled saline flush syringe comprising an integrated disinfection unit built into the syringe’s tip cap.

The product is aimed at improving adherence to infection prevention guidelines.

In vitro (IV) lines play an important role in the care process, where 90% of hospitalised patients receive an intravenous catheter.

However, improper care and maintenance of these devices result in catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs).

While directives call for disinfecting a needle-free connector before every access, a practice referred to as “scrub the hub”, the compliance is claimed to be as low as 10%.

BD looks to combat this problem with the introduction of its PosiFlush SafeScrub.

It demonstrated through in vitro testing a notable decrease in microbial growth related to CRBSIs.

The integration of the scrubbing device within the syringe unit helps it comply with scrub the hub guidelines and reduce touch contamination.

The design is also said to simplify workflow for nurses while safeguarding the patients from infections.

BD medication delivery solutions worldwide president Eric Borin said: “We continue to hear the need from health care professionals for new solutions that help make medication delivery safer and simpler.

“Our latest innovation in scrub and flush technology is designed to support nurses by simplifying workflow and advancing evidence-based best practices in catheter care so they can continue to focus their time where it matters most – on patient care.”

PosiFlush SafeScrub secured approval and was launched for select clients last October.

This product is part of BD’s vascular access management portfolio and supports its objective of “One-Stick Hospital Stay” by cutting down complications such as infections.

It is also aimed at extending catheter dwell times with IV care and maintenance, which is claimed to enhance clinical outcomes.