Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) has acquired resorbable polymer technology developer and manufacturer, Tepha, for an undisclosed amount.

Tepha’s Poly 4-hydroxybutyric acid (P4HB) or resorbable polymer technology will offer BD further potential for innovations to boost its surgical mesh portfolio’s growth.

BD also noted that the acquisition will aid its expansion into new fields in soft tissue repair, reconstruction and regeneration.

The transaction will provide BD’s current Phasix Mesh products with strategic vertical incorporation of a key supply chain component.

As part of the deal, BD will gain access to Tepha’s GalaFLEX portfolio, which is based on the P4HB polymer.

A bioresorbable scaffold, GalaFLEX products are used as soft tissue support. They are designed to repair, promote and strengthen deficiencies where weakness or voids are present and need additional material to get a favourable outcome in surgery.

BD Surgery worldwide president Kevin Kelly said: “This strategic acquisition advances BD’s category leadership in surgical mesh and enables future innovations to provide new solutions to physicians and their patients.

“Tepha’s proprietary polymer is used in BD’s current Phasix Mesh products and is the key technology that enables our products to provide short-term support for soft tissue repairs while enabling rapid tissue ingrowth and reabsorbing into the body over time.”

Kelly added that the deal and its current and future applications will enable BD to deliver the newest technology to doctors for the treatment of patients.

BD aims to expand its resorbable mesh portfolio to grow the company in a bid to offer improved service to customers and patients via new advancements.

The Interventional segment of BD plans to extend the use of Tepha’s technology to various other medical applications, helping to transform soft tissue repair and regeneration.

The acquisition of Tepha is the sixth tuck-in deal made by BD in this fiscal year.

The latest development comes after BD announced plans to introduce a ‘One-Stick Hospital Stay’ approach by leveraging its expertise along with the needle-free technology of the recently acquired Velano Vascular.