Diagnostic solutions provider Beckman Coulter has introduced a new advanced immunoassay analyser called DxI 9000 Access.

This new analyser has the capacity to conduct up to 215 tests per hour per square metre (tests/h/m²).

The platform has undergone independent verification to perform at the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine optimal level.

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics president Julie Sawyer Montgomery said: “The DxI 9000 Access Immunoassay Analyser sets new expectations for immunoassay testing operational performance and the ability to develop and sustain improved assay sensitivity to meet tomorrow’s analytical needs.

“Those in the laboratory will treasure ZeroDaily Maintenance to save them time, PrecisionVision Technology to safeguard against flawed data reports and IntelliServe to maximise system uptime.

“At the same time, clinical researchers are excited about the DxI 9000 Analyser’s capability to keep pace with increasingly sensitive testing requirements as healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies take aim at ever more challenging diseases.”

The analyser is currently available in most countries across the globe.

DxI 9000 Analysers can connect to DxS IntelliServe, Beckman Coulter’s newly designed remote service and diagnostics solution.

This advanced system monitors data and error trends, as well as enables timely and proactive servicing when required.

It detects service experts who can address issues through real-time monitoring, remote operation and troubleshooting. This maximises the uptime and enhances the performance of laboratories.