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China’s genome sequencing company BGI has partnered with Israeli medical technology company AID Genomics to build an emergency testing laboratory in Gaza for coronavirus (Covid-19).

Both companies have secured approval from Israeli and Palestinian authorities for the lab, which will test 3,000 Gaza residents for Covid-19 every day.

AID Genomics plans to initiate localised fundraising for the lab and will also provide necessary equipment and personnel.

The fundraising will be lead by AID Genomics’ parent company AID Group and China-based non-profit organisation Mammoth Foundation.

AID Genomics CEO Snir Zano said: “In the past months, we have been working with BGI at full speed to assist as much as we can. To my delight as an Israeli, our proposal was approved by the Palestinian Authorities and other relevant departments.

“We are fortunate that Mammoth Foundation and our chairman’s, Kelvin Wu’s philanthropic family arm, i-Future Foundation, are the first to lead the donation. The lab will be a HuoYan Lab Solution and be ready to perform up to 3,000 tests per day.”

BGI built the first HuoYan Laboratory in Wuhan in five days in February, following the Covid-19 outbreak.

The company has also set up four additional labs in other major cities. It has performed more than 500,000 coronavirus tests in China so far.

AID Group has been supplying BGI-developed test kits in Israel. Both companies have previously collaborated on cancer genomics for two years.

BGI’s immense testing capability has enabled a fast reaction time and rapid treatment for Covid-19 patients.