Bio-Techne has partnered with Kantaro Biosciences, a joint venture of Mount Sinai Health System with Renalytix AI, to deliver Covid-19 antibody test kits.

The partners will develop, manufacture, sell and distribute testing kits based on the Mount Sinai-developed Covid-19 serology test.

With the step, Bio-Techne and Kantaro Biosciences aim to enable the laboratories to conduct more than ten million tests in July and further increase the capabilities in the subsequent months.

The Kantaro’s IgG antibody test kit is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay designed to identify the presence of anti-Covid-19 antibodies. It also measures the titer (level) of antibodies that a person has produced.

The test kit uses two virus antigens, the full-length spike protein and its receptor-binding domain, necessary for viral entry into cells.

Bio-Techne and Kantaro Biosciences have also formed a joint commercialisation and distribution team to enable rapid distribution of the assay.

Bio-Techne president and CEO Chuck Kummeth said: “We are extremely excited to partner with Kantaro and Mount Sinai to launch what we believe will be a gold standard serology test for Covid-19.

“The Bio-Techne, Mount Sinai and Kantaro teams are working around the clock to develop this test and we are on track to achieve in approximately eight weeks what would typically take 18 months or more.

“As the world leader in ELISA assays, Bio-Techne has substantial capacity and the ability to scale production levels to support much of our nation’s needs. We look forward to providing the world with critical information related to past exposure to the virus.”