Biocept, a provider of liquid biopsy tests for cancer, has announced the commercial availability of its Target Selector pan-TRK assay to detect TRK proteins.

With the assay, physicians can gain information through a simple blood sample on the potential presence of NTRK fusions, which are biomarkers used to qualify patients for treatment with TRK inhibitor therapies. TRK protein is associated with aggressive cancer in certain tumour types, such as lung cancer.

Given that sensitivity and specificity between the presence of TRK proteins and FISH detection of NTRK fusions is 95.2% and 100%, respectively, Biocept’s pan-TRK assay can be used as a method to determine the potential presence of NTRK fusions and if patients need to undergo further testing.

Biocept senior vice president and senior medical director Veena Singh said: “Biocept’s Target Selector pan-TRK assay utilises our proprietary circulating tumour cell (CTC) platform, which enables a simple blood-based test to screen for TRK gene alternations, a unique liquid biopsy offering.

“Biocept’s novel liquid biopsy tests are designed to help physicians rapidly and in real-time identify key biomarkers of interest to facilitate the clinical decision-making process.”

Following the launch of the assay, the molecular diagnostics company now provides 20 CLIA-certified liquid biopsy tests utilising its Target Selector platform that helps to ascertain the status of actionable solid tumour biomarkers.

Its commercialised assays are intended for lung, breast, gastric, colorectal and prostate cancers, as well as melanoma.

Biocept president and CEO Michael Nall said: “We continue to execute on expanding our menu of non-invasive and cost-effective biomarker tests. Biocept now offers 20 commercially available liquid biopsy assays including two tumour-specific next-generation sequencing panels that cover the most actionable genomic alterations for solid tumours.

“We believe that this comprehensive offering, including the addition of our Target Selector pan-TRK test, will help us increase the adoption of our liquid biopsy platform in the oncology market.”