Life sciences product information company Biocompare has launched a live cell imaging addition to its Future Lab family of content called Trends in Live Cell Imaging.

The live cell imaging content is sponsored by GE Healthcare and is Biocompare’s eighth content hub.

Biocompare’s interactive Future Lab acts as a broad information resource for the latest technological advances in live cell imaging. Since its launch in 2016, the Future Lab and its content hubs have developed a worldwide audience.

Biocompare VP and GM Joan Boyce said: “We are really excited to have developed this platform to allow the more than 2.4 million scientists who visit Biocompare each year to consume content in a much more engaging environment. This fully supports Biocompare’s mission to educate scientists in the latest technology while providing the tool provider community a unique and novel way to engage with our audience.”

Biocompare said it designed the ‘Trends in Live Cell Imaging Future Lab’ report to deliver information in an easily accessible format, helping researchers to keep up to date with the latest innovations and breakthroughs in live cell imaging.

The information hub provides data from a range of sample conditions, to imaging solutions, as well as applications. The content is regularly updated and registered users will receive alerts when content is added or updated.

Previous Future Labs have focused on a variety of different topics in life science research including protein production, immunodetection, cell culture, liquid handling, next generation sequencing, flow cytometry, and biopharmaceutical analysis.

Biocompare Managing Editor Tamlyn Oliver said: “Our goal with each content hub is to leverage Biocompare’s extensive industry knowledge and editorial resources to create highly visible and valuable content destinations.

“The unique, high-quality content created for Future Lab provides scientists with a fast and easy way to engage with the latest updates in their field of interest.”