Medical devices company Biocomposites has rolled out its STIMULAN products in South Africa for bacterial infection treatment.

STIMULAN is claimed to be the first and only approved calcium matrix, which carries antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial infection.

The company also supplies Genex bone graft substitutes via Novus Healthcare.

The calcium matrix, which is already available in the UK, the European Union (EU), Canada, Mexico and Saudi Arabia, has the ability to carry antibiotics such as vancomycin, gentamicin and tobramycin to the infection site.

Surgeons can use STIMULAN to administer a wide spectrum of ‘off-the-shelf’ antibiotics at optimal concentrations to support individualised treatment plans for each patient.

Furthermore, the calcium matrix aims to deliver high concentrations of antibiotics at the point of infection, helping in reduced reinfection rates, fewer hospital readmissions and enhanced patient outcomes.

Biocomposites CEO Michael Harris said: “Biocomposites is committed to developing innovative products that improve patients’ lives and we are very pleased to now offer STIMULAN and Genex in South Africa. 

“STIMULAN offers surgeons the freedom and flexibility to choose the antibiotics that support their infection treatment plans.

“We are proud to continue to expand the availability of STIMULAN and Genex around the world, enabling more patients to benefit from our innovative technology.”

Biocomposites is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of products for use in infection management in bone and soft tissue.