French medical devices maker Biocorp has signed a partnership deal with science and technology company Merck to develop and market a specific version of the Mallya device for use in the field of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Under the deal, the companies will develop a specific version to monitor treatment adherence in HGH.

Mallya is a clip-on device for pen injectors and powered by bluetooth. This device is manufactured in Clermont-Ferrand of France.

It automatically captures injection data, including dose, date and time, which it then sends to a companion software in real time.

The device helps patients, including children and teenagers, automatically track their HGH daily injection and monitor treatment adherence.

It is claimed to be the only device available in its category to be labelled as a CE medical device, class IIb.

Biocorp stated that the commercial versions for insulin pen injectors are also available and supplied in Europe, as well as other countries.

Biocorp CEO Éric Dessertenne said: “We are very excited about this new agreement concerning Mallya. Not only are we collaborating with a new major player in the pharmaceutical industry, but we are also expanding the scope of Mallya.

“After the monitoring of patients living with diabetes, our medical device proves its usefulness and safety for children and teenagers undergoing growth hormone injection.”

According to the agreement, Biocorp will receive approximately €3m from Merck for the development of the specific solution after the completion of different milestones.

Biocorp will be responsible for manufacturing commercial units of the device, on behalf of Merck, following the development phase.

Upon completion of device development, the companies plan to market the Mallya device on a global scale.