BioFluidica has reported positive data from a breast cancer study of LiquidScan, the company’s next-generation liquid biopsy platform that identifies HER2-positive patients.

The BioFluidica LiquidScan technology is designed for the sensitive and accurate analysis of cells.

In the pilot study, the liquid biopsy platform was compared with invasive needle biopsies.

The results showed that more than 25% of patients who would be eligible for HER2-directed therapy were not identified in current biopsies.

Patients with HER2+ genetic profiles have shown high success rates when offered individualised HER2-directed targeted therapies.

The study showed that HER2 status in patient samples could be quickly and accurately determined using the new non-invasive liquid biopsy technology.

BioFluidica noted that the findings obtained in the study were more favourable when compared with those obtained from needle biopsies.

The LiquidScan indicates the importance of performing liquid biopsies on circulating tumour cells (CTCs), which are isolated from blood samples, rather than using the existing method of examining cancer cells obtained through breast needle biopsies.

BioFluidica CEO Rolf Muller said: “Our hope with LiquidScan is to be able to facilitate and revolutionise disease research and management.

“Thanks to its flexibility, LiquidScan can be readily adapted for several applications. The platform is ideal for those applications where the ability to conduct frequent tests and deliver results quickly where point-of-care testing is critical.

“I am especially excited that we might be able to find more patients that could be eligible for improved therapy using the high sensitivity LiquidScan Next-Generation Liquid Biopsy platform.”

The company is now planning a larger study for better patient profiling using the non-invasive blood analysis.