US-based digital therapeutics company Biofourmis has signed an agreement to acquire Switzerland-based Biovotion, a developer of a clinical-grade wearable biosensor platform.

The deal consists of all Biovotion’s assets, including the clinical-grade Everion device and over 60 global patents.

Biovotion’s acquisition will enable Biofourmis to provide clinical-grade wearables as part of its Biovitals ecosystem.

Through the acquisition, Biovotion’s clinical-grade biosensor wearables will combine with Biofourmis’ digital therapeutics solutions and its artificial intelligence (AI)-driven predictive analytics.

Biofourmis’ software-based digital therapeutics are clinically validated, as well as FDA approved.

The therapeutics forms a part of the company’s Biovitals ecosystem already being used across the healthcare system to deliver precise interventions at the right time to manage patients suffering from complex chronic conditions such as COPD and coronary artery disease.

Among the wearable devices from Biovotion’s portfolio, Everion is the lead product. This clinical-grade wearable device comes with a multisensor platform, worn on the arm. It is capable of measuring 22 parameters in real-time.

It can noninvasively collect real-time physiological data on heart rate, inter-beat interval, respiratory rate, blood oxygenation, skin temperature and actigraphy.

Other clinical and non-clinical parameters that can be measured by Everion include blood pulse wave as motion intensity and steps, energy expenditure, sleep quality and heart rate variability. Currently, the next-generation Everion device is under development.

Biofourmis CEO and founder Kuldeep Singh Rajput said: “Biovotion had been a trusted partner for many years as we have leveraged each other’s technologies across numerous clinical, commercial and research applications.

“We are thrilled to add Everion to the Biovitals ecosystem, which will continue to help our clients achieve their goals such as demonstrating the value of pharmacotherapy, managing chronic diseases, predicting and preventing adverse events and improving clinical outcomes and ultimately reducing healthcare costs.”

Following the deal, the Biovotion team will be included in Biofourmis, operating under Biofourmis AG, based in Zürich, Switzerland.