BIOS Health has been named the winner of this year’s WIRED Health Startup Showcase.

The company uses artificial intelligence (AI)-powered neural interfaces to automatically read and write neural signals.

By understanding and correcting these signals in real time, BIOS aims to treat chronic diseases in an effective, automated and personalised way.

Speaking at the conference, BIOS co-founder and chief scientific officer Oliver Armitage said: “We look at neural messaging, the signals being sent from your brain to your organs, and use those to start curing and treating chronic diseases.

“The nervous system is our internet; it moves information around the body to do real-time control of every single organ… Neural interfaces, they’re like the sequencing machines, and machine learning is what’s allowing us to decode the base pairs. We’re able to read the signals in real time as they go from the brain to an organ, understand what they mean by looking at long-term changes in organ function and then start changing those signals in order to cause a therapeutic effect.”

Other startups nominated for the showcase included:, an AI-powered platform that seamlessly connects patients and physicians to clinical research; C the Signs, an AI platform containing the latest evidence to identify patients at risk of cancer at the earliest and most survivable stage of the disease; Mojo Fertility, an AI-powered semen assessment tool aiming to tackle male infertility; WILD.AI, a platform aiming to help women train, fuel, and recover based on their menstrual cycle; and Humanity Inc, an app designed to help users slow down the aging process.

The winner of the WIRED Health Startup Showcase was given the opportunity to present at the WIRED Health virtual conference on 31 March.