Biotechnology and medical device company Blink Science is set to launch a new handheld biosensor device for the immediate detection of Covid-19 and other disease biomarkers in saliva.

Called blinkTEST, the new device is designed to offer health reports that can be analysed immediately to diagnose acute and chronic conditions.

It offers instantaneous results without requiring costly genetic testing.

Most of the point-of-care (POC) testing devices currently available, or that have received emergency use authorisation (EUA), offer tests in well over 20-30 minutes, the company noted.

Blink Science’s device uses a patented electronic technology that will detect a range of biomarkers.

The blinkTEST biosensor can read the electrical charges between antibodies and an easy-to-use test strip.

Blink Science CEO and president Eric Doherty said: “What we are bringing to market is revolutionary. This device will be able to provide the fastest test not only for Covid-19 but also for a number of other viruses and specific disease states.”

Currently, Blink Science is looking to develop strategic licensing and manufacturing relationships to accelerate to the market launch of the new device.

The company also plans to partner with corporate and investment companies for the rapid development of the product.

Blink Science is a SpinUp Campus company, which focuses on connecting university scientists with investors to transform significant research into viable businesses.

SpinUp Campus CEO and founder Billy Meadow said: “I am tremendously excited to have a stellar team led by Eric Doherty to commercialise this amazing molecular diagnostic innovation coming out of the University of Florida. This device will change the global diagnostics industry and save lives.”