Digital medical technology company Brainlab has received CE Mark approval for its patient positioning and monitoring system ExacTrac Dynamic.

The system provides high-speed thermal surface tracking technology together with an update of ExacTrac X-ray monitoring, offering advanced capabilities.

While providing vital benefits such as high-performance, non-coplanar X-ray monitoring and submillimetric precision, ExacTrac Dynamic system also delivers several new value drivers.

The company noted that the new system expands beyond legacy stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) capabilities into surface-guided radiation therapy opportunities.

Brainlab president and CEO Stefan Vilsmeier said: “The CE Mark of ExacTrac Dynamic is a critical milestone toward future extra-cranial applications, including deep inspiration breath-hold and markerless tracking in the lung.

“These trying and uncertain times re-emphasize the importance of preserving as much lung function as possible.”

ExacTrac Dynamic addresses a full range of patient positioning and monitoring requirements through consolidation of internal tracking and surface guidance technologies such as a thermal surface camera.

To externally monitor patient position and track movement during treatment, ExacTrac Dynamic uses a high-speed stereoscopic video camera system that incorporates 300,000 3D surface points.

The surface points obtained by the ExacTrac Dynamic structured light system are matched to a corresponding heat signal generated by the new thermal camera. This generates another dimension to detect the patient’s position consistently with accuracy and low latency.

The three moldable thermoplastic mask options help the system to simplify frameless fixation.

Deep integration with linear accelerators from both Elekta and Varian Medical Systems allow the system to position and monitor workflows.

The high-precision tracking and verification capabilities are critical requirements in the delivery of effective and high doses in precision radiotherapy.