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Bravado Health has initiated a partnership with K-Rain to screen their employees in the US and the Dominican Republic for symptoms of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

K-Rain is a family owned and operated irrigation engineering and manufacturing business. The company has employees and customers in more than 60 countries.

As part of the daily screening, K-Rain employees are now required to record their health status and temperature on their smartphone.

An employee is directed to stay home if any key health indicators appear to be abnormal. In such cases, a safety manager will be notified to provide assistance.

K-Rain president Chip Kah said: “Through the development of Covid-19, our priorities remain the health and safety of everyone we do business with and the continued service and support of our partners.

“Bravado Health’s screening tool is helping us keep working while providing a safer environment for our employees and customers.”

Bravado Health CEO Chris Lazzara said: “At Bravado Health, we are continuing our commitment to helping businesses reduce the risk of spreading infection by knowing employees’ status and providing real-time intelligence. We are proud to add K-Rain to our Covid-19 screening programme.”

Last month, Bravado Health partnered with FordCom Tower Service to screen employees for Covid-19. The screening programme includes all FordCom employees, who are considered to be essential critical infrastructure workers during the pandemic.

The company launched a new screening and education tool in March. The tool was designed to assist hospitals and businesses in keeping their patients and employees informed during the Covid-19 pandemic.