C4X Discovery (C4XD) has partnered with UK-based biopharmaceutical company PhoreMost to accelerate the Parkinson’s Disease drug discovery pipeline.

With the addition of PhoreMost’s Siteseeker screening platform, the C4XD drug discovery pipeline will be strengthened by validating novel targets that were already identified by C4XD’s Taxonomy3 target identification platform.

Additionally, the collaboration will provide chemical starting points to launch drug discovery programmes.

C4XD CEO Clive Dix said: “As part of our strategy to become the world’s most productive drug discovery company, we continually assess cutting-edge technologies that add to our current capabilities in target identification and drug design.

“This partnership complements C4XD’s existing target validation collaborations and enables us to accelerate our portfolio growth whilst decreasing the timelines in drug discovery.”

With Siteseeker’s phenotypic validation of Taxonomy3 derived novel targets, C4XD will be able to progress several Parkinson’s Disease targets to multi-target disease area partnering arrangements.

C4XD’s drug discovery Conformetrix technology allows measurement of the dynamic 3D shapes of free drug molecules from experimental data.

By exploiting the rich information produced by Siteseeker, the technology can produce small molecule drugs that are commercially attractive.

The companies expect to share any revenues on validated targets produced by the collaboration.

PhoreMost CEO Dr Chris Torrance said: “C4XD’s Conformetrix approach is ideally suited to use the 3D biological shape information derived from Siteseeker targets and convert this into small molecules starting points that will lead to the next generation of therapeutics.”

The Taxonomy3 silico platform technology analyses complex genetic datasets using mathematical algorithms to identify and characterise novel drug target candidates.

Siteseeker is based on PhoreMost’s core proprietary protein interference or ‘PROTEINi’ technology.