Canon Medical Systems, USA has entered a strategic collaboration with Cleerly to facilitate simple and efficient use of cardiac computed tomography (CT) with the aim of offering a new standard of care for heart disease.

The partnership will integrate Canon’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based CT technology with Cleerly’s digital pathway solution to evaluate coronary artery disease.

This integration can streamline and automate CT acquisition, as well as deliver auto-generated reports based on whole-heart atherosclerosis examination.

Incorporating these technologies will offer complete, reliable and accessible care, which can extend the fight against heart disease.

With the latest scientific developments in cardiac disease management, CT is a first-line solution that can aid in coronary artery disease diagnosis and triage, Canon Medical noted.

However, complications of launching a new imaging service line and reader variability issues have hindered extensive implementation of cardiac CT.

The integrated solution of Canon and Cleerly is expected to tackle these challenges by providing AI-powered whole-heart atherosclerosis analysis with auto-generated reports permitting reliable and clinically significant results.

If users want to set up a new cardiac CT imaging programme or possess a current one, the combined solution will aid in expediting and boosting cardiac CT programmes.

Cleerly founder and CEO Dr James Min said: “Cleerly is delighted to announce its partnership with Canon, which will for the first time combine Cleerly’s cutting-edge whole-heart quantification and plaque characterisation algorithms with Canon’s industry-leading high-definition CT acquisition and reconstruction technology.

“This groundbreaking partnership will equip physicians with heretofore unseen levels of precision when treating patients, enabling true prevention at scale.”

Canon Medical Systems has a strong portfolio of cardiac CT imaging solutions, such as one-beat cardiac CT intended for standard and spectral imaging.

These solutions offer complete cardiac analyses that can be accessed by care providers and patients.

Canon will deliver technologies that can optimise the care process and bolster clinical insights by merging with Cleerly’s digital care pathway.

In November last year, Canon Medical announced plans to expand its Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine Deep Learning Reconstruction to additional modalities, clinical indications, and systems by integrating accessible AI for improved image quality to more patients.