CardieX subsidiary ATCOR has secured a new patent by the European Patent Office (EPO) for its SphygmoCor technology used in cuff-based blood pressure devices.

The patent protects the company’s intellectual property with regards to the measurement of central blood pressure (BP) waveform with cardiovascular features, using a brachial cuff.

Furthermore, it specifically covers the use of a conventional BP cuff inflated to low pressure in order to non-invasively estimate the heart’s pressure and pressure waveform associated with cardiac function and arterial properties.

The patent offers a simple tool to clinically diagnose and estimate the risk of heart disease, the company said.

Previously, ATCOR was granted similar patents in the US and Japan. The new European patent is valid until 2034.

ATCOR’s SphygmoCor technology is considered to be the global standard for the non-invasive measurement of arterial stiffness in medical settings.

It is in use at all ‘top 20 US hospitals’ and has over 4,500 installations globally. These include pharmaceutical majors and research institutions such as GlaxoSmithKline, the Mayo Clinic, AstraZeneca, Scripps, Bayer, Johns Hopkins and Stanford University.

Currently, ATCOR sells the XCEL central blood pressure device and is collaborating with SunTech Medical for the Oscar 2 ABPM device, which uses both SphygmoCor and brachial cuff technology.

Recently, ATCOR partnered with Andon for the development of a home-based BP device with advanced cardiovascular vital sign features.

The company specialises in developing medical devices for measuring arterial stiffness and central blood pressure waveforms based on its Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared SphygmoCor technology.

It also develops and licenses Arty platform, which consists of physiological and health analytics for wearable and connected fitness devices.