Checkpoint Surgical has expanded its intraoperative nerve care portfolio with the launch of its Checkpoint Edge Nerve Cutting Kit.

The Checkpoint Edge Nerve Cutting Kit uses circumferential constraint to maintain the nerve’s natural shape during transection.

Constraining the nerve can help prevent sliding, flattening or potential subsequent nerve edge malformation.

This helps to preserve the alignment of fascicular group and tissue integrity.

Checkpoint Surgical stated that traditional nerve cutting methods may flatten and crush nerve tissue, which results in deformed nerve ends and makes alignment difficult.

Checkpoint Edge helps surgeons to have control of placement, tension and transection, enabling consistent nerve tissue preparation for aligned coaptation.

Checkpoint Surgical president and CEO Derek Lewis said: “Checkpoint Edge complements our market-leading stimulator and implant products and is designed to provide the surgeon with the ability to protect and preserve nerve tissue during nerve transection.

“We are committed to expanding our product portfolio to address the continuum of intraoperative peripheral nerve care, and the Checkpoint Edge products will form a key part of our strategy.”

Surgeons may require an additional set of hands to grasp and tension a nerve when performing transection in non-circumferential techniques.

Checkpoint Edge’s advanced cutting head design will enable a secure, single-handed hold to grasp the sacrificial nerve zone and allow tensioning as well as gentle constraining of the nerve part to be preserved.

The company stated that the cutting slot of the head, which houses standard blades, will allow the surgeon to make a right-angle cut using the other hand.

It claimed that the Checkpoint Edge Nerve Cutting Kit is the first offering in its planned portfolio of nerve-specific instruments.

The company plans to further expand the portfolio in the future.