Indian pharma company Cipla has signed a licensing agreement with Multi G in Belgium for the distribution of its Covid-19 rapid antibody test kit, Covi-G, in Europe and other emerging markets.

According to the deal, Cipla will handle the distribution of Covi-G that will be manufactured by MultiG.

The company’s latest agreement is aimed at increasing global access to life-saving therapies and diagnostic infrastructure for people in need.

With sensitivity and specificity of more than 92%, the test provides results within ten minutes.

An antibody test works by checking for the presence of antibodies in a person.

When a person is infected with Covid-19, the body fights it by building antibodies against the virus.

The test can help to check whether the body has developed immunity against Covid-19 or whether the person was infected in the past.

With a single-prick blood test, Covi-G tests for both IgM and IgG antibodies and displays result in a test result indicator.

Moreover, the point-of-care test can detect whether a person had a suspected asymptomatic or mild infection in the past, identify potential plasma donors, and prioritise susceptible populations for vaccines.

The CE-compliant test is waiting for approval by ICH country regulators. It is already commercialised in more than 20 countries.

Using Cipla’s network, the kits will be distributed across over 25 markets in Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Latin America, EU, and Australia.

Earlier, Cipla had launched ELIFAST diagnostic kits. The Covi-G will be the new addition to its Covid-19 portfolio.

This test was developed in partnership with KARWA under the technology transfer from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).