ClearCam has received $4m in seed round funding to expand the commercial reach of its ClearScope system, which improves visualisation and safety in laparoscopic procedures.

The company will also use the funds to scale its operations and make substantial advancements in the field of robotic surgery visualisation.

Led by the family office of Texas real estate developer Hal Jones, the round also involved other participants including the University of Texas at Austin Seed Fund.

Jones said: “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to invest in ClearCam’s team and their mission to make surgery safer and more efficient.

“Activating the potential for growth in the medtech and engineering sectors in Austin is something we are excited to participate in. ClearCam is a team maximising this potential.”

ClearScope is a disposable in-vivo laparoscopic lens cleaner that allows clinicians to avoid the need for repetitive scope removal and cleaning during surgery. It empowers surgeons to maintain their visual field and momentum during surgical procedures.

The system also helps in decreasing time spent by a patient in the operating room (OR), while also enhancing surgical safety.

The device has been deployed in nearly 2,000 procedures nationwide and its usage is increasing in thoracic, general and gynecologic surgeries.

ClearScope has been adopted by multiple hospital systems in Texas and Michigan, while many others are awaiting access and trials.

ClearCam will use the funds from this round to expand its sales and business development initiatives.

ClearCam CEO and co-founder Dr John Uecker said: “ClearScope offers surgeons and OR staff an improved, streamlined and simplified solution to clean their laparoscopes in-vivo. It is a win-win and we look forward to launching the improved product in June.”