Co-Diagnostics has developed a new point-of-care, at-home PCR testing platform to detect Covid-19 and other diseases using CoPrimer technology.

The new diagnostic testing, screening, and surveillance platform is designed to perform the Covid-19 test at businesses, schools, homes, hotels, cruise ships, airports, aeroplanes, and other locations.

It uses the company’s Direct Saliva extraction-free process and Logix Smart test reagents, which are pre-packaged in saliva receptacle tubes.

A person can simply add a swab or saliva sample to the receptacle tube and place the tube inside the small cube-shaped device.

The device can be operated through a smartphone application and delivers rapid PCR Covid-19 results directly to the smartphone.

Co-Diagnostics said that the convenience of displaying the test results on the smartphone enables individuals to quickly know their Covid-19 status and provides a simple way to satisfy the requirements to enter entertainment venues, aeroplane travel, hotel accommodations, work, school, and other applications.

The company is planning to revolutionise the PCR test availability as regular Covid-19 testing becomes part of the long-term protocol for many organisations.

Co-Diagnostics CEO Dwight Egan said: “Along with vaccines, social distancing with masks, and high-throughput laboratory testing, we believe that the wide-spread availability of this testing platform will truly give individuals the power to know their Covid-19 status so the world can get back to work, school, travel, and vacations in a Covid-safe environment.”

Additionally, the company expects that the new platform will provide affordable Covid-19 PCR surveillance, screening, and diagnoses to augment tests performed in high-complexity laboratory settings.

Furthermore, the new platform is expected to be available for submission for regulatory approval later this year.