Roche has announced the launch of the cobas mobile solution, a tablet app that allows laboratory personnel to be better connected with each other and their work.

Designed to enable faster decision-making and enhance walkaway times, cobas allows laboratory workers to interact directly with their analysers from anywhere in the lab.

The software features push notifications to indicate if and when intervention is required through a colour-coding system.

The system is designed to integrate with multiple Roche applications, including cobas mobicheck 2.0, cobas screen share, User Assistance and Roche DiaLog, which it activates on launch. Roche says the platform will be enhanced with additional applications in the future.

cobas mobicheck allows laboratory personnel to monitor the alarm, reagent and analyser status of connected cobas 8000 modular analysers and cobas pro integrated solutions. Up to eight analysers can be monitored through cobas mobicheck from anywhere within a laboratory network, with the app displaying system, alarm and reagent information.

cobas screen share allows laboratory personnel to mirror multiple analyser screens to interact with them remotely from within the network, while User Assistance provides interactive multimedia content with step-by-step instructions.

Roche DiaLog is designed to simplify everyday tasks through a single sign-in, giving clinicians instant mobile access to personalised information and insights to manage the daily workload. Roche DiaLog includes additional digital services such as eLabDoc and eLibrary.

Roche Diagnostics head of centralised and point of care solutions Ann Costello said: “One of the major challenges in laboratory operations is the implementation of efficient workflows and overseeing multiple laboratory analysers, especially in larger laboratories.

“The cobas mobile solution provides laboratories with an intuitive and easy-to-use tool, so they can access and interact with multiple analysers from any location within the lab environment. By providing tools to improve and streamline processes, Roche is advancing technology to improve patient care.”