Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has formed a partnership with Jungla to develop solutions for personalised medical treatment to patients.

HPE will integrate its Memory-Driven Computing Sandbox with the datasets of Jungla to improve the clarity and capability of clinical genomic tests.

HPE is an IT company, while Jungla is a biotechnology organsisation. Both companies are based in the US.

Reliable Medical Supply has recapitalised its equity through undisclosed funds provided by Seven Hills Capital.

Vertess acted as adviser for the transaction, while Brown & Fortunato served as the legal counsellor.

Reliable Medical Supply manufactures healthcare equipment, while Vertess is a healthcare M&A advisory company. Both parties are US-based.

GI Dynamics has signed a deal for a safety and efficacy study its EndoBarrier medical device in India through a partnership with Apollo Sugar.

GI Dynamics’s EndoBarrier is being developed for patients living with type 2 diabetes and obesity.

The two companies will carry out a clinical trial on EndoBarrier with 100 patients from the first half of 2019.

Both companies will also work on development of the further agreement for the commercialisation, distribution and clinical support of EndoBarrier in India and South East Asia.

“GI Dynamics’s EndoBarrier is being developed for patients living with type 2 diabetes and obesity.”

GI Dynamics is a medical device company based in the US, while Apollo Sugar is a healthcare clinic based in India.

Proteomics has collaborated with Janssen to bolster drug discovery for diabetic kidney disease using its predictive diagnostic test, PromarkerD.

The companies will evaluate the PromarkerD’s performance jointly in predicting the kidney function decline and response to drug in patients who were part of Janssen’s completed clinical studies.

The companies will also test PromarkerD for predicting heart diseases.

Based in Australia, Proteomics is a medical technology manufacturer, while Janssen is a pharmaceutical company based in the US.

Aeroflow Healthcare has acquired Integrity Medical’s positive airway pressure (PAP) resupply business.

The companies will work together to provide unobstructed transitioning of Integrity Medical’s PAP resupply to existing patients.

The transaction is expected to expand Aeroflow’s reach in continuous PAP and bi-level positive PAP market.

Both companies involved in the transaction are medical equipment developers based in the US.