Medical Ingenuities has raised funds from cultivate(MD) Capital Fund II.

The proceeds will be utilised by Medical Ingenuities for the regulatory process, validation, and testing of the company’s new radial artery occlusion device, PH Band, for FDA submissions in early-2019.

Both based in the US, cultivate(MD) is a medical device venture capital firm, while Medical Ingenuities is a medical devices company.

DexCom has amended a previously signed collaboration and licence agreement with Verily to improve the companies’ mutual product development targets and expand future collaboration options.

Dexcom will initially pay $250m in the form of shares of its common stock and is eligible to receive up to $280m as milestone payments, under the amended agreement.

“The deal will also enable Dexcom to expand in the Type-2 diabetes market and to increase profitability in the future.”

The collaboration will enable the two companies to deliver a next-generation continuous glucose monitoring platform by the end of 2020.

The deal will also enable Dexcom to expand in the Type-2 diabetes market and to increase profitability in the future.

Dexcom is a medical device company, while Verily is a research company and a subsidiary of Alphabet. Both entities are based in the US.

MDNA Life Sciences has signed a licensing agreement with Aspire Pharma for the former’s Mitomic® Prostate Test (MPT).

Aspire Pharma will be the first international partner of MDNA, adding to the network of distribution partners.

Based in the US, MDNA is a molecular diagnostics company, while Aspire Pharma is a UK-based pharmaceutical company.

Qatari German Company for Medical Devices (QGMD) has formed a collaboration with Al-Jazira Healthcare group to manufacture medical devices for Qatar and the local markets.

Both companies are based in Qatar.

Genomic Vision has entered a licensing agreement with Phyteneo to commercialise its HPV integration test in the Czech Republic.

Phyteneo will be responsible for the registration of the test as a medical device from a regional regulatory agency and sales in the Czech Republic, under the agreement.

The terms of the agreement also include a possible future extension for other Central Eastern Europe countries.

Genomic Vision is a French biotechnology company, while Czech Republic-based Phyteneo is a speciality pharmaceutical firm specialising in medical devices.